USA Vancouver PRESS RELEASE  May 2023


Discover the hidden gems and thrilling adventures of living in Vancouver and Clark County with Explore Vancouver Washington by Patty Grasher.

Vancouver, WA – Are you a newcomer to Vancouver, WA? Get ready to unleash the secrets to “all things Vancouver” with the hottest guidebook in town! Explore Vancouver Washington, a brand-new, 160-page, full-color guidebook by author Patty Grasher, is your ultimate companion to make the most out of your life in Vancouver and Clark County, Washington.

Unlike your typical tourist guidebooks, Explore Vancouver Washington goes beyond the obvious tourist spots and invites you to dive deep into the heart of Vancouver and truly experience the area like a local. Join a club, take a hike, make new friends, and indulge in the countless activities available in the region. From stunning outdoor adventures to vibrant local culture, this guidebook is your key to unlocking the full potential of living in Vancouver.

Author Patty Grasher, who moved to Vancouver in 2015, shares her own journey of discovering the hidden treasures of the city. “I thought it was just another mid-sized town with few attractions and even fewer things to do,” she recalls. “But then I realized that I hadn’t tried hard enough to explore Vancouver. As someone who spent 28 years in a cloistered environment as a nun, I had to challenge myself to embrace the ‘bloom where you are planted’ mindset and truly immerse myself in the local culture.”

Grasher teamed up with renowned Vancouver photographer Jonathon Kraft, talented Portland cartoonist Bernard McKenna, and her friend, mapmaker Sasha Fedorova of Ukraine (now residing temporarily in Poland) to create the ultimate guide to all things Vancouver. After two years of extensive research and exploration, Explore Vancouver Washington has become an “almost” definitive newcomers’ guide to the area.

But Explore Vancouver Washington is not just a guidebook; it’s a mission to share the wonders of Vancouver with others, especially in the era of lingering Covid restrictions. “The book took on an even deeper meaning as I realized that it’s not just about travel, but about rediscovering the joy of exploring our own backyard and supporting local businesses and communities,” says Grasher.

Early reviews of the book have been overwhelmingly positive, with travelers and locals alike raving about the hidden gems and exciting experiences they discovered. “I can’t wait to be a tourist in my own town!” exclaims Jennifer Johnson of Woodland, WA, an avid traveler to distant places who received an early copy of the book. “I find I’m so busy exploring other places that I’ve forgotten to dive deep into Vancouver. I can’t wait to use this book to get to know Vancouver better!”

Patty Grasher, a seasoned author with international Catholic bestsellers under her belt, has been writing and publishing books professionally since 2003. Her publishing company, Turtle Place Press, now focuses on publications about all things Clark County, and Explore Vancouver Washington is the latest addition to her impressive portfolio.

Ready to embark on your own adventure in Vancouver? Explore Vancouver Washington is available for purchase locally at the Fort Vancouver Friends’ Bookstore, Vintage Books, and online at Don’t miss out on this must-have guidebook for newcomers to Vancouver and Clark County. Get your copy today and get ready to uncover the wonders of “all things Vancouver!”

For more information about the book or to request an interview with the author Patty Grasher, please call (360) 949-0829 or email [email protected].