Do you ever find yourself . . .

“Bored in Vancouver?”

Does it seem that in researching for fun things to do in Vancouver the list is pretty darn short?

Do you find that after taking care of your home, family and job that little else interests you about living in Vancouver?

Well, join the party.

I’ve been there and watched that episode like twenty zillion times!

You see, when I moved to Vancouver in 2015 I was pretty hard up to be excited about what Vancouver had to offer.

If it wasn’t that my husband had a good job and it was best for him to be here I would have gladly moved back to Albany, Oregon the best little town I had ever lived in.


But here I was and I wanted to make the most of it. So what to do?



I decided it was time to explore!

And after five years of checking out things to do in Vancouver I found that Vancouver was a pretty, darn exciting place to live. Heck, I came to realize it might even be better than Albany, Oregon!

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to share my enthusiasm with Vancouver newcomers who like me may have struggled to fit in, adjust and enjoy being a Vancouverite. 


I decided to write a city guide book for Vancouver.

Part of this thought was pure self-interest. I like to write and such a project excited me. The other big part was that when I went to the local bookstore to check out city guidebooks I found about 30 for Portland, Oregon and zero – that’s right zero for Vancouver, Washington.

Oh all those guidebooks had a page or even a couple of pages about Vancouver (we are part of the Portland metro after all) but it was pretty darn little to be excited about.

So here I am in the midst of producing a Vancouver city guide book with maybe (if I’m feeling generous) a few pages about Portland. . . .

AND . . . with me on this great adventure is Jonathon E. Kraft a professional photographer who also has a great love of Vancouver and is excited to share with pictures what I hope to share with words.

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