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HBC Fort Vancouver Jigsaw Puzzles

A fun and creative way to learn about the Hudson's Bay Company "Fort Vancouver. Located in Vancouver Washington. Click image to play a puzzle, each puzzle has a link to more information.

Entrance to the Heritage garden and the reconstructed Fort of the Hudson's Bay Company

Heritage garden in late summer with the flowers and vegetables at their best.

Chief Factor's House

Small dining room for the wives and women guests at the Chief Factor House.

Kitchen for the Chief Factor House was a separate building behind the Factor House.

Bake House baking bread and biscuits for the Chief Factor House and hundreds of company employees.

Exterior of the blacksmith shop with a small woodshed to the left. Mount Hood is in the background.

A blacksmith at work at Fort Vancouver.

Two blacksmiths at work at Fort Vancouver. 

Indian Trade Shop and Hospital building  next to the Blacksmith Shop

Inside the Indian Trade Shop

Indian Trade Shop showcasing mocasins and other trade items.

Fur Store built to hold over 60,000 furs.

Front view of the Fur Store at Fort Vancouver

Inside the fur store.

Carpenter Shop - a much needed shop for supporting the fort with all things made of wood.

Three to five carpenters were kept busy creating chairs, tables, carts and much more.

The Bastion

Educational puzzles for all ages

Fort Vancouver Jigsaw Puzzle

Fort Vancouver Jigsaw Puzzles introduce young and old to the historical richness of the Hudson's Bay Fort Vancouver established in 1825.