Vancouver Washington Guidebook

Use this guide to unpack the history, people, and culture of the area plus explore landscapes, wildlife and the natural rich beauty of the first white settlement in Washington State.

Vancouver is one of the few cities in the United States that can boast of a popular National Park just blocks away from its City center.

This historic site consists of distinct major attractions . . .

  • The Reconstructed Fort Vancouver is an in depth look at the major British frontier trading post which was the hub for fur trade from the Rockies to the Pacific Coast in the early 1800s.
  • The Pearson airfield established in 1905 with a dirigible landing was only two years after the Wright Brothers first flight in 1903. The airfield continues today as one of the oldest active air fields in the country.
  • Vancouver Barracks, site of the 160 year military presence where at least 60 officers stationed here became Army Generals playing significant roles in the Indian Wars, Civil War, two World Wars and other military conflicts as well as the birthplace for the first Army PX in the country.
  • 21 beautifully restored houses of Officers Row adjacent to the National Park is a city owned historical tribute to the U. S. Army presence here as well as being the largest collection of such houses in the United States.

Many of the streets, parks, schools, museums and even libraries in the city are named after historical figures from the Lewis and Clark expedition (the county is named after William Clark); Dr. John McLoughlin (the father of Oregon) to General Ulysses S. Grant, to George C. Marshall and beyond.

Steal away from the “historical” richness of Vancouver and there are many more fun, exciting and enjoyable things to see and do.

Start at the Vancouver Waterfront located at the center of the metropolitan Vancouver/Portland landscape. Stroll along the river, shop at exclusive and delightful boutiques and enjoy cuisines and drinks at some of the highest rated establishments in the country.

This book is your ticket to many great adventures of exploration and fun in Vancouver and Clark County.


Vancouver Washington Guidebook – priced at $12.95 is now available.